* How can I enter the Virtual Temples?

* Why are there two usernames (username and avatar names)?

* Make an important setting in Firestorm viewer.

* What to do if my avatar can't be seen by other visitors?

* Why is there inworld currency, and how do I get it?

* How do I join the inworld groups to get access to the higher Temples?

* What does it cost to join the higher Temples groups?

* Can I remove the Name tags above the avatars and bots?

* What development work is planned for the Virtual Temples?


In order to enter the virtual OpenSim world and the Temples, you need to first create an avatar (it's free).

You also need to download and install a viewer for OpenSimulator.
You can download Firestorm viewer here. The 64-bit version is usually preferable. 
Download and install it.

How to login with Firestorm:
Start Firestorm, click the menu "Viewer" at the upper left. Choose "Preferences".
Click "Opensim" to the left in the window that opens up. Under "Add new grid" copy/paste this address:


Click "Apply" and then click "OK".
Now, login with your Avatar's names (both first and last names) and password, that you chose as you registered.


Two Usernames:
1) The avatar names
 (both first and second names) are username when you login to the Virtual World with the viewer.
2) The username you choose as you register is utilized when you login to the website, e.g. to purchase inworld currency or administer your account.
Password is the same in both places, the one you chose as you registered.


Important setting: 
For performance make the following important setting in Firestorm viewer!

Start Firestorm viewer. Before you log in, click the menu "Viewer" at the upper left. Choose "Preferences".
Click "Network & Files" to the left in the window that opens up.
Under "Maximum bandwidth", drag the slider to the far right until bandwidth reaches 3000 Kbps (you may have to wait a little for the slide bar to show up).

You will get a warning that it might cause issues, but you can simply ignore that. Performance will improve, and it's needed.
Most likely everything will be just fine. We have been using this setting with great success!

(However, if you will experience issues such as teleport failure or being disconnected, take down this setting to 1500 Kbps.)

Click "OK" (twice if needed).


If your avatar can't be seen by other visitors, press <Ctrl><Alt><R> to make it appear for them within 30 sek. This issue seems to have arisen in the newest viewers (disregarding its brand). For now it seems to be a good idea to press this key-combination on every logon to the Virtual World.
Hopefully the developers of the viewers will solve it on next update.


Inworld currency (V$ or Virtual Coins).  Every user receives 250 V$ for free, on registration. V$ is needed e.g. if you wish to visit the higher Temples. Then you join groups for a fee that grant access to those Temples. Inworld currency is purchased on the website: https://virtualtemple.nu. You need to login to the website before buying. Exchange rate: 1000 V$ equals 10 EUR.
(NeophyteTemple is always free to visit, though!)


Information on how to join inworld groups can be found in the Virtual World, in Region TheCastle. Go there with your avatar and you will find it.


The cost to join the higher Temples groups are right now discounted but will raise as development work progresses in the Temples. The sooner you join, the cheaper.
Prices at the moment are:

OuterTemples: 1000 V$ (equals 10 EUR) for one year of membership.
Group members have free access to:
ZelatorHall (1=10), TheoricusHall (2=9), PracticusHall (3=8),
PhilosophusHall (4=7) and PortalHall.

InnerTemples: 1000 V$ (equals 10 EUR) for one year of membership
Group members have free access to:
AdeptusMinorHall (5=6), AdeptusMajorHall (6=5) and AdeptusExemptusHall (7=4).
Including Vault of Adepti.


Yes you can remove the Name Tags. Even though it is very practical to see the Name tags when you meet new people or want to learn the names of the officers in the Temples, it can easily get a bit jumbly.
To turn it off in Firestorm viewer:
Choose the menu "Avatar" in the upper left.
Then choose "Preferences".
In the window that opens up, choose "General" in the menu to the left.
To the right in the same window you can now choose between Name tags off and on.


Development work: 

  • Build automatic walk throughs of the initiation rituals that your avatar can go through as you observe it.
  • The Evocation and Goetic Temples are to be built. Later on with automatic observable walk throughs of rituals.
  • Temples for workings (in opposite to initiations) will be built.
  • Get the shoppe ready.
  • There are more longterm plans to build regions based on the Enockian Chess. We will get back to this.
  • We have thoughts about HG-enableing the grid.


If you have any questions please contact us here (click here).