In order to enter the virtual OpenSim world and the Temples, you need to first create an avatar (it's free).

You also need to download and install a viewer for OpenSimulator.

You can download Firestorm viewer here.

The 64-bit version is preferable. Use the 32-bit version only if you experience issues with the 64-bit (most likely you will not).
Download and install it.

How to login with Firestorm:
Start Firestorm, click the menu "Viewer" at the upper left. Choose "Preferences".
Click "Opensim" to the left in the window that opens up. Under "Add new grid" copy/paste this address (URI):

Click "Apply" and then click "OK".
Now, login with your Avatar's names (both first and last names) and password, that you chose as you registered.

Important setting: 
The rituals of Virtual Temple 449 require a reasonable speed of your Internet connection. Otherwise performance may suffer.

You also need to do a setting in your viewer:
Start Firestorm viewer. Before you log in, click the menu "Viewer" at the upper left. Choose "Preferences".
Click "Network & Files" to the left in the window that opens up.
Under "Maximum bandwidth", drag the slider to the far right until bandwidth reaches 3000 Kbps (you may have to wait a little for the slide bar to show up).
You will get a warning that it might cause issues and not improve performance. But in the context of the virtual rituals performance will improve, and it's needed.
Issues might occur if your setting here is higher than your Internet connection. As long as your connection is faster than 3 Mbps it should work. We have used this setting and not encountered any issues so far.
However, if you experience issues take down this setting to 1500 Kbps.

Click "OK" (twice if needed).

If you have any questions please contact us here (click here).