Virtual Temple 449, is a virtual world powered by OpenSimulator.

Here you will find the classical Temples - including the Vault of Adepti - inspired by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, that was founded in the 19:th century.
You will experience those Temples from inside and be able to have a closer look att Temple officers and furnishings. Maybe you are interested to overview a ritual. Here you will be able to do so, and see some rituals beeing performed.

Whether you are a practitioner or historically interested, Virtual Temple 449 is a great help for visualization and to experience the essence of Temple work. If you are a solitary practitioner and never or rarely visit a physical Temple, this is an excellent oportunity to experience the Temples from inside. The experience gets even more effective if you observe it through a VR equipment, such as Trinus.

Virtual Temple 449 is FREE to join. So far membership in the Neophyte Temple is free as well. It is possible to apply for membership in the higher Temples.